The good thing about y’our future — unlike y’our past — is that it is always in the making and therefore it is y’ours to create, make and be GREAT.

Who wants to have a GREAT future?


How to create a G.R.E.A.T. bucket list for y’our future.

This conversation was inspired after listening to the radio show (B) De Wereld van Sophie where author Joost de Vries (NL) tells about the absurdity of a bucket list. …

The Benefits of Futures Thinking for y’our Health and Wellbeing

Interview by Mauricio Herandez from the ‘Universidad del Futuro’ and osteopath, body-centred stress coach, author and influencer Tom Meyers


☑︎ Why a futurist mindset is good for your health and wellbeing
☑︎ The benefits of futures thinking now and later
☑︎ How a future narrative helped me out of a suicidal #depression

Don’t stress and prepare y’ourself for a good future.

How to make the future an asset for your health and wellbeing

Every decision and choice you make has an impact on your future and the future of the people around you. Men, women, children, people you know, people you don’t know and will never meet, people who are not yet born, and people who will live well beyond your lifespan. …

How to empower yourself to flourish and thrive in a fast-changing and challenging world

“All that was ‘normal’ has now evaporated; we have entered postnormal times, the in-between period where old orthodoxies are dying, new ones have not yet emerged, and nothing really makes sense. To have any notion of a viable future, we must grasp the significance of this period of transition which…

How to empower employees to flourish and thrive in a fast-changing and challenging world

In these fast-changing times, taking care of employee health and wellbeing with clarity is vital for creating a good future where employees flourish and organisations thrive. This will require a new holistic and future-minded collaborative approach to health and wellbeing which promotes personal health responsibility and futurization. …

Tom Meyers

Tom Meyers is an osteopath M.Sc. D.0., body-centred stress coach, wellbeing futurist, space enthusiast, TEDx organiser, podcast host, author Futurize Yourself.

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